In the Summer of 2015, my best friend Olivia and I wanted to create a platform where we could express our creativity. We were very interested in fashion, beauty, art, music, and individuality and put all of ourselves into writing for a blog we called The Square Blog. I can’t remember why we had called it that, but eventually, we changed the name to and continued on to spill our hearts to the 5 people that were reading. I had designed the blog using a basic website building platform and googled HTML code to customize the site to my liking. Back in 2015, there weren't any of the fancy blogger tools that we have now, so I coded everything from scratch pretty much! I was so proud of how the website came out, but now looking back, if that blog was live right now, you would think it was the jankiest website you’ve ever been on. HA! Olivia and I were blogging for a few months. Me being me, I had a detailed schedule and a list of blog ideas that I was planning on writing, and every week I posted a new entry. I mostly wrote about fashion, because at the time my dream was to move to California and become a fashion designer. My mom took photos of me every weekend with a $200 camera I had gotten for Christmas in 2013 and I sure did really think I was doing something groundbreaking there. I had written a blog post a week for about 6 months until Olivia and I decided we needed to take it to the next level and add video to our website. That is where YouTube came in and changed my entire life.

February 15, 2016, is the day I posted my first Youtube video. The title being, “EASY GRUNGE & ALTERNATIVE INSPIRED HAIRSTYLES + SPACE BUNS”. I’m smiling now thinking of how nervous and excited I was to post that very first video. I had help from Olivia and we shot the video in her basement with a bed sheet as the backdrop, a set of cheap box lights from eBay, and her camera. In the video, I demonstrate two hairstyles, the first one being two mini pigtails on either side of my head - like a half up half down but two of them as pigtails. The other hairstyle is what I like to call “space buns,” which is two buns on the top of my head. I still wear both hairstyles to this very day, I’m not going to lie, they’re both super cute and really flattering! At the time I was religiously watching YouTube vloggers every single day after school and always thought to myself “I can do what they’re doing, why am I not doing what they’re doing?!” The biggest thing holding me back from posting on YouTube at that time was being scared & my parents… HAHA!


February 2016, I was 16 turning 17 the next month, but still, I was a baby in my parents’ eyes, and truly a baby in my own eyes… (I still think it’s absolutely CRAZY how fast kids grow up these days, but back when I was growing up, we had an ugly stage… and it was reaaaalll ugly. Now these kids have full glam makeup routines at 12 years old and FaceTune to curate and edit their pictures to perfection on Instagram!) So as an almost 17-year-old in 2016, the internet was still a foreign and dangerous place in the eyes of my protective parents, so I didn’t tell them that I had posted that first video. I knew they would want to sit me down and have a good old-fashioned talk about how dangerous and scary the internet was, but in all reality, at 16 I already knew more about the internet than they ever could know at the time. I’ve always been a bit of a rule-breaker and a dreamer, so when I posted that first video it was almost a thrill to have put something out there on the internet for everyone in the world to see. I don’t know what I was expecting after I had posted that first video, but I do remember feeling rebellious, strong, and confident. Not only was I scared about my parents finding out, but I was also MORE scared about the kids at school finding out and ridiculing me for it. Now, it’s cool to be young and create content on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and Twitter. It’s normal to pursue a career on social media in 2021, but it was a whole different story half a decade earlier.

Long story short, I ended up posting YouTube videos consistently and started a series called ‘Fakeup’. I would order fake products on Aliexpress and test them against the real thing. The series went viral and that was the start of my social media career at 17! I then branched out into reviews, and of course, I had a series title for that as well, which was called “Brutally Honest Reviews”. I was posting content regularly for 4 years and accumulated over 44 million views to my channel which was a huge accomplishment. I had moved to California after graduating high school to go to college at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and got an A.A. in Beauty Industry Merchandising & Marketing and then a B.S. in Business Management. 3 years into college I was still full speed ahead with YouTube and realized that I was completely burnt out. So I quit YouTube and enjoyed my last year of college as a ‘normal kid’. And to be completely honest, that year was incredible and exactly what I needed at the time. 

During that last year of college, the global pandemic broke out, and because I was finishing school at home I was BORED and had a ton of free time. I decided to DM an up-and-coming brand I was interested in called Glamnetic and asked where I could send my resume to because I wanted to be an intern. I’ve always been very straightforward like that… Like I literally cold DM’s the brand asking for exactly what I wanted, and guess what! I started 2 weeks later! At first, I was a video editor for advertisements, and then I went full time after 3 months and was the Paid Ads Coordinator doing pretty much the same thing, then I applied for a promotion to be the Creative Content Coordinator and got the position after presenting a huge deck of creative ideas to the CEO/Founder and the rest of my team. I realized after working for Glamnetic (1+ years now!) that I was born to create content whether it's for myself or for a brand, it’s just what I’m good at and I love it. That’s my story so far, I still have so much life to live and so much creativity to put out into the world and I can’t wait to continue putting myself out there and be 100% unapologetically myself wherever life takes me!